Who is she?

When she was a child she was who her parents told her to be. And God said, “I”ll be here when you are ready, I promise.”

When she was a teen she was who her friends wanted her to be. And God said, “Turn to me.  I’m here, I promise.”

In her 20’s her happily ever after fell apart. And God said, “Ah, at last, here you are!  I will hold you, I promise”

In her 30’s she was what her family and career needed her to be – and she was very very busy. And God said, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You can do this.  I will help you.  I promise”

In her 40’s she could no longer be what everyone wanted. Teenagers made that clear! So, she looked to God and asked what He needed her to be. It was then that she started to see herself. And God said, “Trust them all to me.  Keep looking to me.  I have a plan.  I promise”

Now, in her 50’s there are no kids knocking at the bathroom door, no lunches to pack or games to cheer at.  No one else is defining her day.  She has time to take care of herself.  She has time to think.    

“Now, I have a new purpose for you.  It’s a purpose I designed especially for you.  Do you see it?  Not yet?  

Don’t worry.  

You will.  

I promise.”