Sharon’s bird list from the deck


Dec ’16
Ferruginous Pygmy owl (my first owl that I’ve found on my own! πŸ™‚ )
Groove billed ani
White fronted parrot
Red-Lored parrot
Rose throated Becard -M&F
turquoise browed Mot Mot
Black headed trogon
Gartered trogon
Red billed pigeon
Mangrove cuckoo
squirrel cukoo
Turquoise browed Mott Mott
streaked flycatcher M&F
barred antshrike
Western tanager M & F(very rare here)
Baltimore oriole M&F
Streak-backed oriole
White throated magpie-jay
Hoffmann woodpecker
Clay colored thrush
Rufus naped wren (these nest here at Papaya and sing to us all day all year)
long tailed manakin -male and female
Great Kisskadee
pale billed woodpecker Feb 17
Northern crested cara cara – HWY 150. Jan ’17, deck 2/17
wood stork -Carrillo beach. Jan ’17
masked Tityra – HWY 150 La Roca. Feb ’17
collared aricari HWY 150 La Roca Feb 17. And from the deck Feb 22, 2017. Three of them!!
Cinnamon hummingbird -Samara Trails

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