How to DREAM when all you feel is doubt

Whenever I doubt…I dream

How do you step back into a place of dreaming when you have been heartbroken

How do you step back into a place of courage when you have been crushed?

Most of us have had our plans for the future completely crushed. At, the very least, we now have doubt that the plans we made will still work. Before Corona we dreamed about what we wanted for our “5-year goal” or our “retirement plan”… And, now, those dreams have had to change. And, we don’t know even how to re-plan with the future of the economy unclear. That in and of itself is heartbreaking! Give yourself grace to feel that. Fear. Anger. Anxiety. It’s real. I hear you. I see you. 🥰

The way I work through all the uncertainty is to find a way to look at what I have. Find a way to see the gifts God has given me today. I pause. Sometimes I have to physically stop myself…intentionally ask myself “what am I thankful for in this current moment?” Even if all I can think of to start with is a roof or a sunny day or clean water to drink….Truly, when I do this I am humbled – they are countless! His plan for my life and yours is still there. You are in the right place, at the right time, with everything you need and with the right people to fulfill His plan for your life! 🙌🥰🙌. You are divinely placed for a purpose. And, you have everything you need to fulfill that purpose. Wow!

So, given that, how do we move forward? How do you do it when you are feeling fear, anger, sadness and anxiety? Well, you can move forward by dreaming. …by continuing to see His hope for your future. In times of doubt – DREAM.

But how? It’s going to be different for each of us, right? For all of us, it starts the same way. Seek God. He will give you the clarity specific to your personal dream.

Were you starting a new business and now growth has stopped? Or, you don’t know if you still should pursue it while everyone is going through such tough times? Consider this, your dream to have your own business didn’t stop…but, yes, you now need to change it some. Your customers have changed.  Your old business plan may not be right for them right now.  So, what do you do?  You look around you. Find out what your customers need now…what do they need in their new normal? All of us, we still need to take care of ourselves…body, mind and spirit and we may need your product or service to get that done.

Were you looking at retirement …and now your savings are halved? Your dream of retirement has not likely changed (mine hasn’t!!)…so, pause, see what you do have how can your retirement look different? Look at your dream and take it to it’s core…what specifically about that dream was most important to you?

Break it down into a list. By doing this you may find that your dream has changed. Maybe COVID-Quarantine has changed your priorities. Maybe that old dream isn’t really what you want anymore. Or, maybe, you can have a piece of your old dream now and continue to work to the full dream. Accept that it is going to look different than it did a month ago. Only you will know exactly what that means for you…the point is, give yourself permission to dream. Give your self permission to consider that God has a new path for you. A path of “Hope and a future.”

This is how I do it. This is how I stay positive and how I keep dreaming. There are many unknowns right now. There are many changes in the world. It is what it is, so, what can I do with it? That’s what I ask myself and what I ask God. I have fear, anger and feelings of helplessness. what do I do with all that?  I could get stuck in the ’overwhelm’ but I choose not to.  Instead, I give myself grace to feel those feelings. Then I give them to God. And then, I ask myself what is the best thing I can do with what I see in my reality today?

Have courage, my friend. Dream. These are crazy times. You are not alone. We are in this together. We will come out of this together. 🥰🥰🥰