There will be bugs

Costa Rica has 1,251 species of butterflies

I am a shrieker when it comes to bugs.  If a crawly, leggy insect surprises me I shriek…loudly!  My feet do the tap-tap ‘girl’ dance.  I stand on something high.  Sheesh!   Drives my DH nuts.  This happens a lot here in Costa Rica.  Because, in the jungle there are a lot of bugs!

Year round, no matter how clean I think I keep my kitchen I get these super tiny ants.   They tell all their ant friends from miles around about the one drop of watermelon juice that I missed on the counter.  And, in they march.  In the dry season, for the most part, it is just the ants.

This year, the rainy season started in April instead of May.  So I have enjoyed the greening of the jungle, gorgeous flowers and the sound of the rain on the roof.  It is beautiful.  We have sunny mornings and then the afternoon rains cool down the day.  We have rainbows.  We have amazing lightning shows over the Pacific in the towering thunder clouds.  It’s really cool!

Grasshoppers hatching. This whole nest is less than an inch long
Millenium Falcón – flat as a piece of paper

When the rain arrived, so did the bugs.  There are lots of beetles, moths, spiders and lots and lots of different little tiny bugs that fly to the lights.    The first couple weeks it was like the bug-door openned and they all came in at once!   Thankfully,  shortly after the rain and the bugs showed up we started to witness things come back into balance.  The frogs and toads showed up.  Where have they been for 6 months?  And, (yippee!) the birds have returned, too!  We didn’t have birds for several months around the house.    And, guess what birds and frogs eat?  Yes!  bugs.  🙂

Long story made short, I am trying to get used to them.  People lived in the tropics with bugs long before I arrived, right?.   I am trying to not be such a weenie.  After all, God created them too.  And I’m sure he has a purpose for them.  Some of them are very pretty.  And, some look like prehistoric monsters. (tap-tap-dance)

cocoon only 1/4″ long. I think it is some kind of bagworm. Please let me know if you know what this is.

While I still shriek if they surprise me, they don’t send me running…most of the time.   Our DS#2 took some of these amazing pictures   I appreciate bugs more when I can look at them in a picture.  😉