Working in Costa Rica- the dream vs reality

For years I worked in an office tied to a desk, daily commutes, traffic and water cooler politics.   I found a way to be happy with that and I liked my work most of the time. Then my husband started to dream about a second home in Costa Rica…  Well, knowing him as well as I do,  it was clear to me that I would need to be mobile.  When he starts dreaming, things start happening!!  I began the search for an online job.

When I thought about working on the internet I pictured bare feet, laptop actually ON my lap, icy drink in my hand with the beach or pool within reach for a quick dip anytime I wished.

Screen shot of Google results for work online

That’s what is in the pictures on the internet, right?  I would love to hear from others  who actually get to work that way please!  I found that I can’t read the screen very well outside in the sunlight or even under a shade umbrella.  I work with 2 laptops with extended screens…not very portable.  And, in order to care for our clients I actually need to concentrate on my work.  So, the dream quickly faded to reality for me.  However, I am in paradise.  No snow.  Beach minutes away.  Pool even closer.  But, when I am working I am in my office, curtains closed taking care of my clients and getting my work done. 

I love my morning and evening walks.  I love the amazing birds, flowers and jungle all around me.  While work is still work…I am blessed with the flexibility the internet gives me to be with my husband in Costa Rica.  Life in balance!!